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Mera Smart India (MSI) powered by Sriawin Innovative Solutions Private Limited is an unique360o one-stop online market for users to search all local businesses and service providers for their daily needs and business requirements. Hence, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers while connecting them on a common platform. we provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive daily needs information to our users and connect buyers to sellers and vice versa.

India has more than 5.5 Cr.  SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) out of which less than 5% businesses have created a website for their business. Most of these small businesses struggle to market and grow their business due to various reasons like shortage of marketing budgets, lack of knowledge, accessibility etc. Today, internet has become a powerful place to reach millions of potential customers but Indian small businesses do not have easy access and knowledge of various benefits of how creating a digital presence for their business can be a great marketing tool to grow their business.

To grow and expand, the company wants to create a network of more than 1,000 Channel Partners all over India to create local presence in every city of India for easy reach and accessibility of our services to every small business and service provider in every nook and corner of the country.

Services Provided to Public

 Why our solutions are extra-ordinary and unique?

There are many website designing companies in every city of India, but Marketing Solutions are very unique and affordable for small businesses which directly helps them to grow their business.

Business Directory

(A local smart Search engine, find anything from anywhere in just a moment)

Smart classified Ads

(Buy –sell –Trade anything at free of cost from anywhere in just a moment)

Smart News

(Local News awareness plus amazing feature of post latest news updates by anyone at any time)

Smart Jobs

(connect Employer and Job seekers with smart job services to help in employment opportunities)


(Take care of your health with our services “Sehat”)

Smart Tourism

(get complete details of all variety tourist destinations with district wise)

Offer & schemes

(Get complete details about latest all offers and schemes around your locality in just few minutes)


Opportunity for the talented person where they can share their views, ideas, art and hidden talent through “Sangam”

Our agile Solutions…….

You Your Complete Solution for Online Marketing

  • Global 24*7 online Visibilities of your Business services and product.
  • Rich to target buyer without Leaving Office
  • Start and promote new offers and schemes quickly.
  • Hire skilled and desired employees quickly.
  • Post current events in News sections and promote the business.
  • Expand your business at large level without so much efforts
  • GPS services to connect customers directly.
  • Sell or Purchase any item through classified ads ,
  • Cost effective way of global Marketing and advertising
  • Increase the traffic of personal website Through MSI
  • Advertise the business and products with multiple Platforms


A Lifetime Business Opportunity


In every City of India, whether a big city like Mumbai or a small town like Udaipur, there are a huge number of small businesses and service providers like Dealers, Distributors, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Coaching Institutes etc. which do not have a website as they think it is not of much use and benefit for them. But, on the contrary our low-cost solutions have been designed specifically for such small businesses which greatly help them to create a unique digital presence for their business and Help them to grow their business.

India has more than 5.5 Cr. SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) out of which less than 5% businesses have created their website. Which means, more than 5 Cr. businesses in India still do not have a website!


If you are able to sign-up only 300 businesses units in 1st year (Avg. 20-30 Units Per Month), your Total Revenues in 1st year would be = Rs.24.00 Lacs (300 x Rs.8,000 avg. price) 

From second year onwards, you will start earning the same revenue from just renewals of your signed contracts. 

Projected Revenue in 1st Year – Rs.24.00 Lacs
Projected Revenue in 2nd Year – Rs.36.00 Lacs (12.00 L in renewals of 1st year + 24.00 L in new signups)
Projected Revenue in 3rd Year – Rs.48.00 Lacs (24.00 L in renewals of 1st & 2nd year + 24.00 L in new signups)

So, by end of 3 years, if you sign-up a total of only 1,000 businesses (out of a potential 5,000-50,000), all you have to do is renew these from 4th year onwards to generate business worth Rs. 50.00 Lacs every year.


Become Channel Partner

Complete Solution for Online Marketing

ANYONE! Yes, anyone who has the right aptitude and desire to start their own digital marketing business in their city can become our Channel Partner. Even existing business owners can become our Channel Partner. What we look for in our Channel Partner is the right attitude towards sales & marketing. We also require our Channel Partner to have an office space of around 200-300 sq. ft. in any good location in the city. So if you have a good background in sales, irrespective of whichever industry you have worked for, we would love to partner with you! To know more,


You can become our Channel Partner with a minimum investment of only Rs.50, 000. All further investments will be directly through the business generated from your initial investment.


AA unique – low cost marketing solution with difference approach


  1. Make clients of different services.
  2. Appoint Marketing Executive if require.
  3. Data collection.
  4. Submit data in specified time.
  5. Collect amount from clients.
  6. Advertise in their area
  7. Distribute promotional material on their own.
  8. Collection of Renewal amount
  9. Regular touch with clients. if they have any problem in form to company.


  • Computer with internet connection
  • Printer (black & white or colorful)
  • Laptops or tablets
  • Office of min 200 sqft. area



You will get the following support from the company-

  1. Sales & training materials, Brochures, Sign-Board, Visiting Cards etc.
  2. Local Advertising Support on on-going basis.
  3. National Advertising Support by the company
  4. Lead generation (all business leads and enquiries from your city will be passed to you)
  5. Help in recruitment of sales team and subsequent training.
  6. Formats related to company and services will be provided by MSI
  7. Advertising and promotion material will be provided by company (Chargeable).

 Expansion details

Our aim is to expand Mera smart India across all over the Rajasthan and states of India to take the aim forward initiative taken in the cities of Rajasthan First and then cities of other states by Connecting more and more channel partner and after of it will be expanded across India.

Training Details

Detailed operating manual for Franchisee – yes

Franchise training location –

  1. In your city –Udaipur-Yes
  2. Over video or call conference is field assistance available for franchisee - Yes
  3. Expert guidance from head office to franchisee in opening the franchisee- yes
  4. Current IT system will be included in the franchisee-yes

Want to Expand

Nationwide Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee or channel – Yes

Performance guarantee to unit franchisee or channel- yes

Anticipated percentage return on investment 150% to 300% (including commission or royalty plus rewards – yes

Likely payback period of capital for a unit franchisee up to 10 month

Other investment requirement- yes

Property Details

  1. Type of property required for this franchisee opportunity (rented/owned)
  2. Floors are required 200-300sq.
  3. Preferred location of unit franchisee at a good location, ideally near main market area in your city if possible.

 Supportive documents

  • Registration certificate of firm
  • Photograph of office (inside and outside)
  • Amount of franchisee fee
  • Copy of PAN card of owner and firm (If any)
  • Aadhar card photo copy
  • Bank details with last 6 month statements
  • Blank cheques (for Security Purpose)
  • 2 Photographs of owner
  • Copy of Rent deed of office or registry
  • Stamp paper of Rs. 500/-

Other Things

  1. Other Rewards/Bonus/offers will be informed time to time.
  2. Amount to be deposited to company in next two days.
  3. Commission to be issued to Channel Partner weekly /Monthly.
  4. Data and photo to be deposited by Channel Partner in two days.


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